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About Stitch Perfect Coach Trimming Ltd

We are based in Droitwich, Worcestershire in a safe and secure facility.
We believe in quality workmanship, excellent customer service and offer exceptional handmade services. Providing a full range of trimming services.
We offer a full and comprehensive re-trims of the interior of your Vintage or classic vehicle to original specifications if required.

We provide complete trim services to the enthusiast, restoration shops, Museums or collectors which range from preservation and restoration through to fully re-trimming your vehicle's interior always using traditional techniques and materials.

Full Interior Restoration

Full interior restorations covering all aspects of the vintage and classic interior, we can restore to original specification or as per the customer's request.

Instagram - Can you spot the slight changes on this #Porsche356 I think it might even be a

Headlining Repair

Its very common for modern vehicle headlining's to start sagging after some time, we offer a repair service for this problem.  

Hood restoration 

Fabric or Mohair hoods are a very durable long lasting and in our opinion the best looking  when it comes to hoods however as you will notice over time and use they can fade in colour and on rare occasions lose some of the water repellent property's.

Motorcycle seats

Be it fitting a cover you have brought, a restoration or a full custom re-trim we can help, we also fit gel inserts to help.

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