Coach Trimming 

Here at stitch perfect we offer the full range of vehicle trimming services from small seat damage repairs to entire interior re-trims of your cherished vehicle below is a list of the services we can provide.  

We offer a full and comprehensive re-trims of the interior of your cherished Vintage or classic vehicle.

Being a Coachtrimmers first and foremost we provide complete trim services to the enthusiast, restoration shops, Museums or collectors which range from preservation and restoration through to fully re-trimming your vehicle's interior always using traditional techniques and materials.

 We can create your vision or restore your beloved vehicle just book a consultation by giving us a ring or using the booking form then we can start the process of talking through what you would like done.

Below is a list of just some of the trim services we offer:

  • Full retrims

  • Convertible roofs, Hoods and Tonneaus

  • Motorbike seats 

  • Steering wheels

  • Gear & Handbrake gaiters

  • Embroidery & custom logos

  • And More...................