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We are the only Official UK dealer for Tappezzeria Italia seat covers.

The Tappezzeria Italia Brand was born in 2012 from the passion for the world of two wheels of the owner and stylist Antonio Crupi.


A company that, with the expertise given by decades of experience in the field of high-level tailoring, with the utmost attention to detail given by the craftsmanship of great master tailors, designs and manufactures exclusive design coatings for motorcycle saddles.

There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a new seat cover such as colour, style and logos.

How it works


  1. Click the button below and go over to our shop and find the bike seat cover that fits for bike 

  2. Choose the type of bike seat cover that is available i.e standard, comfort, ultragrip etc

  3. Then use the drop down menus to select colour, logo or not and whether you want us to fit it for you or not. 


Each cover is made to order in Italy and takes around 10 days to be shipped.   

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