Press Snap Fastener Fitting Guide

Snap fasteners are used all over the world in a multitude of industries, but we are going to talk about the boating end of the market where the Durable DOT brand is a world leader. With the right tools the durable DOT snap fastener is self piercing and can penetrate through tough materials without the need of a hole pre cut. They have consistent snap action time after time. 

There are many different types of snap fasteners so below I will briefly try and describe each one. 

First up we have the snap fastener cap. The cap comes in various lengths. When I say lengths, I talk about the cylindrical post length that protrudes from the centre of the cap. We tend to stock a 4mm long and a 6mm long. This should cover 99% of material thickness. If you have a few layers of material then you would want to use the 6mm. Other wise use the 4mm

The cap would not be complete without the socket. These two are crimped together to create a snap. The cap being on the outside of the canvas and the socket on the inside. Special tools are required to secure the cap to the socket. 

The snap fastener stud. This particular stud has two main uses. 1. It can be attached to the vehicle with a screw or nut and threaded screw which can be then connected straight to the cap and socket. 2. It can be crimped to a "post" (below) and used to connect canvas to canvas. The cap and socket would be on one piece of material and the stud and post would be on another piece of material

The post is really only used to attach to a stud. To create a point on a piece of canvas where you can then snap a cap and socket onto.