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Trim Spray 120

Trim Spray is a CFC free, multipurpose sprayable adhesive with low odour, developed to bond a wide variety of substrates. It has excellent grab, good heat resistance and a long open time.

Trim Spray will bond wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene and concrete, as well as decorative laminates, making the adhesive highly suitable for trimming in most types of vehicles.

It can also be used to bond expanded polystyrene when forming a bond to a different substrate, in this instance the product should be used as a one way stick and only applied to the opposite substrate (do not spray onto the expanded polystyrene). It is ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength. It provides good temperature resistance and if protected from contamination has an open time of several hours.



Always test a small sample of the materials first to ensure the suitability of the product for the application. For instance, some vinyls contain large amounts of plasticiser which, over time, can migrate and soften the bond. Not suitable for unbacked or poorly backed vinyl as the adhesive will be susceptible to plasticizer migration. When in doubt, test first.

Trim Spray 120