Seat/Interior Repairs

Here at Stitch Perfect not only do we preserve and restore vintage and classic car interiors but we also repair classic and modern vehicle interiors when retrimming is not necessary

Below is a guide, showing you what damage can be repaired and what cannot.

Typical friction damage. Can easily be repaired

Only colour damage. Can also easily be repaired 

Heavier damage but still easy to repair.

Heavy damage, leather colour alone will not provide good results.  Leather filler will be used to fill the cracks. 

Repairable using hole repair techniques and leather filler and Leather colour. However it's a borderline case.

Damage is too close to the seam. We recommend getting it re-trimmed. We can do just the panel for you rather than the whole seat. 

Leather and foam are missing. Needs to be re-trimmed

Extensive damage. Needs to be re-trimmed.

Below are some before and after images